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Ductless HVAC Services

From single-head systems for your office or bedroom to multi-head and whole-home systems, at Ductless4Less we have you covered. We serve a variety of clients in Westchester County and surrounding areas.  Always providing affordable unparalleled installation and service for ductless mini-split cooling and heat pump systems.


Why Choose Ductless

In a word, versatile, so the decision varies widely.  Many chose ductless mini splits to add air conditioning in an area, once serviced by a window unit.  It is only now, that consumers in the Northeast US are starting to realize that the ductless mini split is the answer to so many of their household issues.  These products can be your main source of heat, auxiliary heat, space cooling, whole home cooling and dehumidifiers.  The icing on the cake, is when used sensibly the ductless mini split system is by far the most efficient source of year round comfort.



Seasonal and Year Round Heating

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We install and service all major brands. 

  • Daikin
  • Mitsubishi
  • LG
  • Fujitsu
  • Gree
  • And More!!

Room by room comfort

In my home growing up, mom was always cold and the kids were always too warm.  If that is the case in your house, tell those children to go to their rooms.  Not as a punishment of course, but because in a ductless home - everyone controls their own temperature.  Perhaps the kids are off to college, why are you still heating and cooling those rooms?  We all know that the cost of energy is high and seemingly going to continue to rise.  When they come home for the summer, their remote is waiting and they can stay cool in bed until noon.

Remote Cooling

Home Evaluation

Since every home is unique, it is sensible to discuss your needs at length and perform an evaluation. Feel free to contact us directly to begin this process. Thank you.

No-Hassle Guarantee

Ductless 4 Less is now offering a no-hassle guarantee on all installations. If we cannot repair your unit, we will replace the indoor head or outdoor compressor for free for five years following your original installation.

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